Thursday, January 30, 2014

Co-worker Valentines idea

Continuing on my DIY for the heart / Valentines ideas for all.

friends/secret admire/kids

This next one is for that awesome co-worker.
Your partner in post-it crime.
The one that makes you laugh, makes you smile, you can finish each others sentences emails and understands your joke about the printer. 

Work Bestie!

That's right find some colorful or silly straws, polka dot, jumbo, squiggly, what have you. 
Pair it up with their favorite drink and it's sure to please. 
I know I would enjoy it! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Diorama

So yesterday after our pumpkin carving session took a turn for the worst we decided to improvise.

Our plan was to make a Vampire Bat Jack O Lantern. BOOM.

Alex sketched it all out on paper first and was really excited.

 Me, being a good mom took more of a support role and let him carve it by himself.....

 Well... it wasn't looking quite like the vision in his head and he got disinterested when it started to look like a big hole and not a cool vampire bat. 

Cause once you make a cut on a pumpkin there's no taking that back!

THat's when I got creative. I had an **IDEA**


Alex is a lego nut. There is not a room in this house untouched by his obsession. So I told him "Let's turn it in to a monster cave. You build a lego house for this and I will make some little bats we can hang from the ceiling we'll fix it up and make it look real cool."

His eyes lit up at the prospect of turning this into a lego project! Off he flew to make a lego house!

He was so proud of our creation by the time we were done.
I even carved a little hole in the back and stuck a light through so you could see in the cave.
We ended up getting the award of "Most Magical" pumpkin. 
His details on the house were awesome. He made a door, put a spider and web, a snake head and mismatched the Lego's so the house would look creepy and old.
What an awesome kid.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Smarty pants

Make File:
Here we are again. Halloween is right around the corner.
Here is another easy no sew costume that is quick and cute!
I think it can work for boy or girl, kid or adult even. It would be adorable with suspenders too!
Smarty Pants!

Monday, October 21, 2013

No sew, emergency costume

As part of my Make File posts I wanted to ask...

In a pinch?? Little time?? Little budget??
Not to worry. I got you.
Construction Paper
Hot Glue
Glue feathers to elastic
cut end of feathers
hot glue trim on top
insta headdress!
Now jazz it up!
tie extra feathers to some string.
loop over side of headdress.
Throw on a macaroni necklace.
Last, use the construction paper to make
your "moccasin's"
and your done in about 30 mins and depending on what you have I feel comfortable saying this is under $10.
Now, I am not saying this is a new idea or anything but it's cute and quick!

Co-worker Valentines idea

Continuing on my DIY for the heart / Valentines ideas for all. friends / secret admire / kids This next one is for that awesome co-w...