To the moon

7:55 AM

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While I was perusing the craft store, as one does, I came upon some amusing treats for the kids.
It was Astronaut food.
 More specifically astronaut ice cream!
Pretty cool, not something I see everyday.
I thought the kids would get a kick out of it and snatched some up.
 I think they will be a fun, interesting surprise for them on Valentines.

 I can remember as a kid watching shows about space on television and wondering what the food from those little packets would taste like. Who hasn't?! I still wonder as an adult too
so I bought one for myself to try out with them.
I thought for a while how I could turn this in to something cute to give the kids and came up with these fun tags to let them know how much I love them.
I honestly like how they turned out. Which is hard for me to say. It's like, liking your own picture, yikes, hard stuff. But I do, I like them. I'll have to scrapbook them or something.


I think these could also be a new interesting treat for a friends or classmates.

illustration by me Charity Olsen

Happy Tuesday.

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