3:34 PM

Here we are over a week later. I have been in my head more than anywhere else this last week. We got rid of our dog and that was sad and hard. We are going through the process of selling our house, by owner, which is intense when you carry on with your normal life! ha! Life, family, scouts, birthdays, baptisms, home work, house work taking calls from interested buyers, Realtors who "just want fifteen minutes" leads to.... Wooooah slow down. Let's move some dates, let's not take every phone call (that is what voice mail is for right?!) and let's watch some cartoons with mini cuteness sitting here next to me. OK. That being said I am so excited with the thought of making this new house my own. I might change my tune in 6 months but for now I am excited. My pinterest board is filling up and I am dreaming of summer pool parties! Cross your fingers for me!

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