Valentines suckers

12:03 AM

OK. So what you're gunna do this weekend is make these suckers. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Grandma's making cinnamon suckers for Valentine's day. I have wanted to learn how to do this for a long time but have always put it off cause making candy and boiling sugar and using a thermometer all scares me. It can all go wrong so fast. Yikes! Turns out the recipe is easy once you have all the stuff and our cute patient German grandma is so nice that it was fine. The suckers are good too. Not to sweet not to spicy.
  Recipe for cinnamon suckers at the bottom if you want to try.

1/2 cup white Karo syrup
2 cups sugar
1 cup water
1 Tsp. oil flavoring
1 Tsp color
Yeild 12 large or 24 small
Stir water, sugar and white Karo's syrup only until sugar is dissolved. Heat on high heat, on stove to 300 degrees or hard crack stage. Pout into slightly buttered molds. Put in sucker sticks as suckers star to set up. (we had to clamp the molds together and put the sticks in then, the clamps helped to hold them in place.) Sucker set up in about 10 minutes.


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