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12:06 AM

Some people are sports people. I am an art person. That being said I forget about the Super Bowl when I am not walking through the grocery isles of clever Coke displays turned into running quarterbacks. So it was pretty funny being caught in the middle of Costco the Saturday before the game. Mad house was an understatement. Even though I am not sporty I do enjoy the excuse to get together and watch the game. I had decided to root Broncos for the sole purpose I know people who live there. (poor poor Broncos) Recap: The commercials were lacking. I did enjoy the Bruno part of the halftime show and caught my kids dunking cookies into their soda! (AHH yuck!)
Thank goodness there was more Bruno than Peppers.
Gold is the new black!
So did you watch it??

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  1. I was routing for the Seahawks but I felt awful for Peyton Manning. :( poor guy.


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