Monday, February 24, 2014

Read Pray Love


I have been trying to read my scriptures everyday. I was raised in the LDS faith where we are encouraged to do just that, but sadly I can't remember ever doing it consistently. I have been reading consistently now for just a month but I have noticed a difference. I feel more "aware" of others, more friendly more kind. I notice I'm talking about things I have read because I have questions or found something interesting to me or liked a phrase. It's sad to say that this is all new to me being 32 years old! But, by far, my favorite thing is that my kids are seeing me read.
With all that information you can now understand why I was motivated to do a painting like this.

It's not finished. I want to take it slow so I can do it right.  I told my husband the gift is prayer and we got into a discussion on prayer being a gift or not... I truly believe it is a great gift to be able to freely talk to my Father in Heaven whenever and where ever and to see my prayers being answered. I know that a month a go I would not have written a post like this even though it was in my heart. People don't especially like to hear it. I feel it's just one of the many blessings that I have seen come with reading scriptures everyday. I just can't hold it in and I am grateful for it. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Our bishop challenged us to read the BOM this year and I have actually been doing it too! (For the first time consistently in about a decade.) I like the start of the painting...I do think prayer is an amazing gift, an opportunity for growth and progression, and a way to show our love to others as well as we pray for them.