Party V

12:19 AM

Oh Valentines. It's wonderful to have someone to whisper to and hold but also......It's so fun to get together with friends and be girls. Right?! Picture this, A flower valentines party! I think this oh so feminine, flowery party would be a AmaZing. Flower dresses, fun flirty floral skirts, perfect posies on toes and shoes, a great looking and smelling table scape, candles all light and dinner with you best friends all who have been invited with the cutest flowery invites of course. Oh the girlyness! Floral backdrop for photo ops, check, flower crowns for everyone, check.... the list goes on..... my mind runs away with the thought of how awesome this would be! 
Ok someone invite me.
I had a beautiful borad for this with all the perfect party things for this but my computer ate it.



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  1. I'm in my darling vintage floral dress waiting for an invite! Of course I will be bringing salad with edible flowers.


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