It all started.....

1:33 PM

It all started with a trip to Petsmart on a Saturday to get a new fish......I give you the specific details so you can consider yourself warned! Saturday is adoption day! Trick E! I have never pined for a dog or considered my childhood robbed because I never had one. Not once. So I have no idea (yes i do, puppy dog eyes) why I walked into the store and it was like a switch, just, boom, clench your heart I NEED a dog!!. I could have walked out of there that second with one. My husband has had dogs and has a little more of a realistic head on his shoulders and put the brakes on the situation. That didn't stop me. I went home and looked at and researched dogs for the next two week. The clincher for my husband was when I said " I know what you can get me for valentines" ("" bat eyelashes. "") Well I was good as gold right there. He hates trying to figure out what to get for any holiday so he was all over that idea. Next thing you know we have a little dog. My husbandand I never thought we would have a small dog. We were both partial to med, med/large dogs. I saw an English Setter I really wanted but I guess things all work out for a reason, you know. He's cute and really good, sleeps through the night . He's a male miniature pinscher (min pin) about 2 or 3 house broken and cuddly. Its only day three but so far so good. I have watched a lot of dog whisperer :) so wish me luck!

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  1. Puppyyyy!! Congratulations! And good for you guys for adopting. We adopted our pup when he was 8 months old from a local shelter and it was the best decision we've ever made. That little dude of yours will bring so much laughter and joy to your life just from being himself. He's such a little cutie. xo


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