Change is hard!

9:17 AM

We have the opportunity to move. It's crazy though how you think you're not attached to a place but as soon as the reality of leaving hits then suddenly all your neighbors seem nicer, your kids suddenly have friends they can't live without and the mantle over the fireplace that has always bothered you now seems like no problem at all. Moving from a place that you know, is hard, even if you don't always like it at least you know it. In a new place you don't know the quirks of your neighbors or what teachers you like in the school or how the sun shines through your windows in the morning. It's all turning out to be harder than I expected.  I am excited though. It's a new adventure and and I fully understand that people move all the time so I am probably, totally actually, over thinking this all. I just need to focus on the future. It is a cool house with views for miles and loads of potential. It's going to look awesome when I am done with it AND it has a pool! Have you ever struggled with this? Are there tricks that I don't know about to make letting go easier??

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  1. WHAT?! Where? Pool and a view? You will make it look even more amazing than I'm sure it already is. A friend gave me some advice I loved...she said give yourself a year to adjust to any major life event; a move, a death, a birth, etc. It just takes time!


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