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10:12 PM

A heART post:

I have a handful of paintings that sit unfinished and stare up at me with puppy dog eyes every time I go to paint.
Guilt trip.
This weekend I dusted one off and finished it!

 I like how it turned out. The hair and the face gave me some trouble, mainly the hair,...... no it was even actually. 
Hence the "time out" pile.
I am giving myself a pat on the back for finishing. I had almost written it off.

Now that I look at it again.... I might change it... a little...
progress nonetheless though right!

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  1. I just love the flowers in the hair- such a romantic piece :)

  2. Good job! Now finish the rest and sell them! :)

  3. Seeing your profile pic made me smile :)
    Fabulous painting!!
    **hugs from KS**

    1. Miriam. So happy to hear from you.I have been thinking about your family. I hope the KS is treating you right! Sending you love from utah ;)


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