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Friday night I went to the BDAC (Bountiful Davis Art Center).

I have been here a few times in the day because it such a good way to get my art fix being right in my neighborhood.  I started following them on facebook and noticed they did so many things. Art classes for adults and children year round, free art exhibits every few months, family nights once a month also free... So many things I needed to try. Each time they put up a new exhibit they have a artist reception open to the public which is great.
I had never been to one and thought it would be a fun Friday night so last weekend I went.
It's a small intimate place but the lighting was perfect and the people and artists were friendly. It's a great place to go and meet new people and of course see some wonderful art. I am so happy it is so close that I can pop in to see what's going on anytime. I had a really great time!

If you're wondering the current exhibit is people and places Going on Jan 10 - Feb 14.
Come back tomorrow I am going to show you another cute Valentines gift idea for your kids! 

Now go out and support your local artists!

Art by Carol Berrey.

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