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I have been keeping up with the crazy weather in the eastern part of the country along with everyone else. I have also payed my dues in watching all of the Walking Dead seasons and post apocalypse shows (husband loves). That being said, just the weather alone in the last year or two has really caught my attention. Man, there has been everything, right? Floods, wind storm, hurricane, tsunami's, massive amounts of animals dying, crazy stuff. This has all got me thinking about disaster preparedness. I have slowly trying to be more prepared in the food storage area in particular. So the other day I was at Costco and I was trying to find food that will last, tastes good and is reasonably good for you. I don't want a disaster situation AND have everyone getting sick from eating a bunch of heavily processed food. Anyways, long story long, I saw this soup and wanted to try it. I like having soup in the pantry for back-up meals because I'll actually use it it's so quick and easy. Finding one we all like is the hard part, so I was thrilled we all liked it! I actually loved it. My kids happily ate it, even seconds!  Along with some fresh toasty bread we made a meal out of it that we all liked and filled us up.
I just need to find more things like that.
What are your tricks to the trade. Have you thought about food storage or any preparedness items?

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  1. haha my husband loves that show too! my mother has on a huge kick for the last few years with preparing for disasters- this year we got car survival kits like this bag filled with things for your car in case you get stuck like a shovel so you can dig yourself out if you get stuck.. lol..

  2. I like their carrot ginger flavor too. Yum. I start to get crazy thinking about a disaster/end of the world! This year my goal is to get all four of our 72 hour kit backpacks updated and full. I know it's not much but starting out small helps me not feel too overwhelmed! I have gotten some great ideas and emergency item lists off Pinterest. I think some art supplies would be a must in your kit! :)


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