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A heART post: 
I was reading another more experienced blogger and they had just made the most beautiful business cards.

 It made me remember a post that I read last year showing all the business cards some one had collected at the ALT Summit ( A blogger conference) 

I was blown away by the stunning visual creativity that are now "business cards" Its crazy!
 So yesterday I was thinking if I ever when I have need for a card or a logo what would I want it to look like yata yata yata........ and I started drawing with a list of  must haves.

This is what it ended up looking like.

That's me!

I like it. 
My kids knew it was me because of my cheetah  shoes so that's win!! 
 I wish I had better pictures the colors are better in person. As you can tell I really got into the details. Teeny tiny details. Teeny socks tiny shoes. I thought to myself, man if I paint like this all the time my  paint would last forever! Ha!

Well there you have it. That's what I did yesterday. 

Enjoy and have a great day!

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