Ogden Utah

5:16 PM

I have been wanting to go down to Ogden to see there Christmas Village all season!
I asked the city about what I need to do to participate next year so I wanted to go check it out and made it a little family outing.

This one was our favorite.
The exterior was adorable!
Lots vintage windows.

After the the village we headed over to Dad's old stomping ground of Weber State University.

The kids thought it was really interesting to walk around a collage campus.
I love the spirit of learning that you can feel there. It made me want to go collage.
Other than that we are still having a great time entertaining family, so we are off the dinner.

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  1. Fun! I'm loving those vintage treasures in the window. Sounds like you are enjoying your time with family too. Let's get together for dinner sometime soon!


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