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To me breakfast can get boring.
I am a quick breakfast kind of person and there are not that many good quick breakfasts in my opinion. To be fair I haven't really looked into it that much.
This is a staple around our house. It's a simple combination of granola and yogurt, not a new idea but if you want to take it to the next level do this : 
Nature's Path Love, Crunch Dark Chocolate and Strawberries Granola (that's one thing)
Greek yogurt Strawberry and Honey
a tablespoon of honey
teaspoon of cinnamon
 and my very favorite is peaches, (in season)  but strawberries are my second choice.
That in my opinion is the way to do yogurt and granola! What do you normally eat?

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  1. Tried it, LOVED it! It works great for desert too;)


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