Christmas Nativity

12:44 PM

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I can take a deep breath now. The Christmas party is over and done. My hands have been covered in paint every day for the last week and I have loved every minute. So lets get to the stuff you really want to see. PICTURES!
The 30 foot banner up close and personal.

this is the best I did on pictures
 My friend Angela and I worked on this almost every night, for three or four hours, for the last week.
I couldn't have done it with out her! She was so fun to work with and so talented!
The Inn


The nativity before finishing touches and lighting.
We riped up cardboard to make the shingles.
Give it that rustic barn look.

Our cute donkey we named Changela
Her friends just cal her Chang or Changie
You know whateves

Styled and blue night time light.

 They had a real baby and mother Mary and Joseph.
It was precious.

Now I'll just have to put it in my garage and keep it open all December for people to drive by and enjoy!

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  1. You finally got your Christmas window! Looks like too much work for me!


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