A lesson in paying it forward

3:47 PM


 It is December 1st and we have already had our first "Christmas Spirit" experience.
We were at the store the other night, the evening of Black Friday.
Alex had some allowance money and he was sure (!) that Black Friday was going to have the very best deals to maximize said allowance.
So we indulged and took the kids to the store.
While we were there he poured over each and every Lego set in the store and finally narrowed it down to his top three.
Of course the final deciding factor was money.
 He took the Lego sets to the scanner but, alas the scanner wasn't working. ( Blast!) 
We said to him " Well let's just take them to the front and if any of these are in you price range we can buy them there."
 So we gathered our things and headed up front.
 We explained to the checker that the scanner in the back wasn't working so if  she could just please scan the Lego's for us that would be great.
 It was like slowly scratching off a winning ticket for Alex.
First Lego set.......Beep 20 dollars......Oh bummer, too much.
 Second Lego set......... Beep 20 dollars again!.......oh bummer to much.
Third set.......Beeeep 30 dollars!.......Oh no!
Well.....  dang...... ok... next time.
So the cashier tossed them in the return basket behind her.
We then heard the lady in the next line over yell "Hey can I see one of those please."
I remember thinking to myself " Oh that makes sense those were the last ones she is probably snapping them up for her kids." So I looked at her with a wink and said "Good choice."
Now by this time Alex was understandably alittle sad so I took the kids over to the Redbox to look at movies while Chris finished up.
He was taking longer than I expected so I went back to check on him.
When I came around the corner he was holding the Lego's.
(Huh that's weird)
I said " Oh are you getting those?" He looked at me with a bit of a shock and said " No that lady just bought this, came over, and said Merry Christmas!"
Just like that.......
Just.  Like.  That.
I swear I almost started crying right there!
We retold the story to the kids of course and Alex cried tears of thanks all the way back to the car.

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