Lagoon Trail

8:38 PM

It was such a beautiful day yesterday. The sun was shinning the leaves turning on the mountainside.We had to take advantage.  Nice days around here are quickly coming to an end. So we went to one of our favorite walking spots. The Lagoon trail.

It's a popular place for all sorts, runners, walkers, family pictures and the occasional biker. In the fall it is absolutely bursting with color! 

It was still beautiful but if i would have come just two weeks earlier the colors would have been even more brilliant.

It's a pretty fun family tradition we have to come down here and walk in the fall. Bridges and streams and paved pathways. It's a Davis County gem if you ask me.

 Speaking of family traditions, what are yours for the holidays? I will have lots of family in town so I am always looking for new ways to keep people entertained. Oh, and I want to build a mini Christmas village. 

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