7:52 PM

No house is ever done.
In my house I probably work on Erika's room the most because it's a girls room and that makes it the only room in the house that can be 100% girl one hundred percent of the time, and that is fun.
She is a little more seven going on thirteen if you ask me. She likes all things neon and fuzzy. If you find something that is both neon AND fuzzy together, DOUBLE BONUS! Puppy dog eyes are coming out big time..... so that sums up that right there.
As you can imagine we had to compromise. :)
 It's coming along.
Nothing is permanent.
Except the shelves.
I did those and they are not moving.
My to do list is still really long.
 Rug, lamps, art hang stuff.
I still wanted to give you a sneak peek to keep me motivated.

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