DIY wands for your princess or wizard

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For Halloween one of my kids was the famous Harry Potter.
You know "Ole Arry Pottaaa"

Well after I spent the money on the wand I thought...

Yeah, I should have just made that.

I was curious how hard and expensive it would be to make a "wand".

Turns out, it's not hard OR expensive to make a cute "wand"

I went to the craft store and bought a pack of dowels for a dollar.

Came home, got my Mother's Day apron on and went to work painting.

I did a blended effect.
I painted one color, left a gap, then painted the next color.
While the paint was still wet I blended the two colors in the gap to create that fade.
I don't know if you can tell but the darker wand goes from navy to gray to black.
The lighter wand goes from blue to yellow to pink then dark pink.


After the paint was dry I made little pom poms then tied them to a string then tied that string to the dowel and ABRACADABRA! WANDS!

Things I would do different:
I would either glue the string in place or drill a hole at the end of the dowel and thread the string through and knot it.
You could even make these out of sticks.
Now go and make some magic!

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  1. love that wand, i also love that wood painting on the wall. i need to just copy it one of these days.

    1. Thanks Julia. You can come over anytime. To paint or craft with me!


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