11:18 AM

It's Uea today....or is it? I think it's called Fall Break now.
Whatever, It's like, 11:30 and we are recovering from a sleep over.
Taking silly pictures and procrastinating the to do list.
We are going visit my sister in Idaho Falls.
That's always fun.
The kids love to swim at the hotel. The hotels along the river have such an amazing view we like to stay there.
We always go to the local Museum of Idaho, out to eat and get a gourmet cupcake or go to Reed's Dairy for some ice cream (a must!)
It's a small town compared to the Salt Lake area but that's what I like about it so much.
There are not a lot or people. The down town area has cute shops with so much old character!
It has beautiful big farming fields and animals. Just that nice sort of quiet and relaxing feeling that you don't always get in a big city.
I will try take some pictures of the old theatre. The lights on the outside are so cool.
Funny fact: There is always a breeze there and this is what they say.
"You know why it blows in Idaho??   Cause Utah sucks!"
Awwww. What?!
 We love you anyway Idaho!

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