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10:01 AM

I think a house is like laundry, never. ever. done.

My office/living...let's be honest, "catch all" room has been the room I walk by real quick so I don't have to look at it. For a long time now.

Yesterday I decided to finally clean it out so I could slowly put things back in with an edited eye.

This room is hard though it's always dark.

It doesn't look particularly dark in the photos because I opened front door to get some light! Ha!

What I want is a couch where the ottos are, a smaller chair for the corner and some big art for over the desk, oh and, I need to lighten the room up!
Mirrors? Lighter furniture?? Man it's hard to make decisions when you have to live with them...


If you want to know my style look at my "for the home board" on pinterest :)

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