11:44 AM

So, what do you do with all your "pins"? Hmmm?? I don't do much with them either.But man I love that pinterst! Every now and again I do actually use them!! I know, whaaat?! So of course I pinned all these cute little Bento boxes and it wasn't till I saw this that I actually tried anything.


I am not laughin cause it's funny I am laughing cause it's true!

Anyways...Finally did it and I though they turned out just darling.

1)Pears 2)Cucumbers 3)Jack Spratt's Bread with white bean Hummus 4)Celery sticks with Adams Peanut Butter and Reeses Pieces.
And the kids ate everything. Bonus. And, surprise, they liked the bread with hummus the best! So blown away by that. So I got all excited and wrote a little list of different healthy lunches I can do. Wish me luck. We will never change unless we try right.

Side note: Her idea to wear fake glasses to school. That's my girl!

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