me office edition

12:13 AM

This is my office.
Okay not really.

This is the office, and, it's all mine! Yeah!
Now this is wear the "me vs me" part comes in. Disclaimer: I may have a problem with furniture commitment. I.E. four couches in the last eight years.
I can't decide if I want a very feminine desk like so.

I can picture a fancy mirror on the wall. A gold arch lamp in the corner. Soft floral curtains floating in the breeze. A nice hollywood regency lounge chair for my desk. Beautiful peonies sitting next to all my hand written letters ready to be mailed.

Or... To go the more indie vintage route. Like so.

I would hang fun graphic art on the walls. Have an old school chair at my desk. Some cute hand made pottery that I thrifted to house all my number 2 pencils. And all my handwritten letters sitting next to my old typewriter ready to be mailed.
You see my obvious dilemma. So until I get my act together I'll be here. -Charity

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  1. (chanting) fem-i-nin-e. fem-i-nin-e. I vote for the feminine style. loooove it.

  2. Yeah it would be fun to have such a girly room in the house wouldn't it. :)


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